Debitime since 2017

Debitime was developed in 2017 for an IT consulting company (Hire Quality) and an acocunting firm (Younited Proffessionals) in Sweden by reason of the need to streamline the billig process and administration. Hire Quality frequently uses subcontractors and a system for self-billing seemed to be the solution.

After scanning the market for systems with support for so-called self-billing without finding anything that suited the business, the descision was made to develop its own system. This system had to be fast, easy and straightforward for employees and subcontractors to report their time and expenses. Together with that, the great advantage that invoices would be generated based on the timesheets both to the customers and from subcontractors.

Enjoy the best design and function combined togehter

Quick and easy to get started and make your invoicing much more efficient with much less administration.


Self-billig for consultants and subcontractors – A qucik and easy way to make your self-billig more efficient with much less administration. Suits businesses that uses subcontractors or/and consultants. 

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