Debitime Self Invoice Management System

Adapted for companies that delivers services by either hourly rates or fixed price projects. Consultants and/or employees report their time and expenses in Debitime. After approval Debitime generates your subcontractors invoices to you as well as your invoices to customers of yours.

Get it done with us.

Debitime reduces administration and give you much more efficient management of invoicing to a low cost. The system is cloudbased and easy to use and get started with.

Easy to integrate with your existing finance system.

Debitime has an interface that makes it easy to integrate with any financial system. This means that you can easily import invoices to your existing financial system for e.g. booking.

Reduce administration of invoicing.

Debitime reduces the time consuming way of handling invoices. Your consultants or subcontractors register their time and expenses in Debitime. From that data both their invoices to you and your invoices to the customer of yours are generated.

This means that you will avoid invoices either from your customers or from your business that does not seem to be correct. This reduces a lot of administration which makes your work more efficient. 

Support and customization.

We offer full support for the system and can also adapt the system to your individual needs.

Enjoy the best design and function combined togehter

Quick and easy to get started and make your invoicing much more efficient with much less administration.


Self-billig for consultants and subcontractors – A qucik and easy way to make your self-billig more efficient with much less administration. Suits businesses that uses subcontractors or/and consultants. 

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