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Our license model are based of numbers of users.


1 Admin & 10 Consultants

  • 43,70 €/month


2 Admins & 30 Consultants

  • 84,73 €/month


2 Admins & 50 Consultants

  • 133,78 €/month



  • 178,38 €/month

+ Quick start up 2500 €

Customize for your needs

If you like to customize the look and feel of Debitime, add or change functionality, integrate to your finance system or whatever your needs are, our team har here to get it done. The price of changes, adaptions or projects are offered separately. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a initial meeting to discuss the thoughts you have in mind.


Self-billig for consultants and subcontractors – A qucik and easy way to make your self-billig more efficient with much less administration. Suits businesses that uses subcontractors or/and consultants. 

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